IQNet Association – The International Certification Network

IQNet (The International Certification Network) was established in 1990 in Bern (Switzerland).

At present it has 35 partner organisations from 33 countries with more than 400 subsidiaries worldwide that serve the national and international customers.

The Hungarian Standards Institution has been the member of IQNet since 1998. IQNet is an association of the most excellent national certification bodies and generally has only one member per country. In Hungary, MSZT is entitled to issue IQNet certificates.

MSZT is a member of IQNet, thus, following the successful certification of an organizations' management system, as well as an MSZT certificate, an internationally recognised IQNet certificate is also issued.

Certificates issued by any partner bodies of IQNet are unconditionally accepted by other members based on mutual recognition. This is based on the harmonised audits and certification procedures, the qualifications of their auditors and uniform training, as well as the peer assessment to be held in given period (usually in every third year) at the partner organisations.


International recognition

35 members

400 subsidiaries or branches worldwide

more than 40,000 administrative and technical personnel, from which approx. half are auditors

25% market share

The list of IQNet member organizations and countries are the following:

AENOR Spain • AFNOR France • APCER Portugal • CCC Cyprus • CISQ Italy • CQC  China • CQM  China • CQS Czech Republic • Cro Cert Croatia •  DQS Holding GmbH Germany • Eagle Certification Group USA •FCAV Brazil • FONDONORMA  Venezuela • ICONTEC Colombia • Inspecta Certification Finland • INTECO Costa Rica • IRAM  Argentina • JQA Japan • KFQ Korea • MIRTEC Greece • MSZT Hungary • NEMKO AS Norway • NSAI Ireland • NYCE-SIGE Mexico • PCBC Poland • Quality Austria Austria • Russian Register Russia •  SII Israel • SIQ Slovenia • SIRIM QAS International Malaysia • SQS  Switzerland • SRAC Romania • Test St. Petersburg Russia • TSE Turkey • YUQS Serbia

More than 25% of certified companies worldwide have IQNet certificates.

MSZT conducts joint audits with IQNet member organizations at international level.


International relationships:

  • IAF
  • EA
  • ISO/TC 176
  • ISO/TC 207
  • EFQM
  • CIES
  • GFSI


Standing Committees:

  • Standing Committee on Constitution and Policy (SCCP)
  • Standing Committee on Peer Review and Membership (SCPM)
  • Standing Committee on Marketing and Development (SCMD)
  • Standing Committee on Harmonisation (SCH)