The international network of conformity assessment bodies - IQNET

The IQNET Association is an international network of conformity assessment bodies with legal seat in Switzerland, currently has 35 partner organisations from 34 countries (in Europe and outside Europe) with more than 400 subsidiaries worldwide that serve the national and international customers.

Its member organizations present around the world are chosen owing to their knowledge of their country markets, contribution in promoting quality and conformance among their stakeholders, maintenance of international accreditations, and commitment to abide with IQNET agreements in terms of worldwide business cooperation and regular peer evaluation.


In Hungary, the IQNET partner is the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT), which has been a full member since 1998.


Certificates issued by any partner bodies of IQNET are accepted without separate procedure by other members based on mutual recognition. This is based on the harmonised audits and certification procedures, the qualifications of their auditors and uniform training, as well as the peer assessment held in given period (usually in every third year) at the partner organisations performed by a team of professional auditors appointed by IQNET.


As a member of IQNET, MSZT issues the internationally recognized IQNET certificate in addition to the MSZT certificate after the successful certification procedure of the organization's management system.


IQNET certificate is an exclusive tool which allows certified organizations to confidently compete in the global market through recognition extended by IQNET Partners located almost anywhere around the world.  List of countries can be found here.

Organizations certified by the Hungarian Standards Institution are guaranteed a credible, reliable, and verifiable conformity assessment, also supported by the business advantages provided by IQNET.