• Development and publication of national standards,
  • Implementation of European and international standards as national standards, development, harmonization and publication of national standards;
  • Information services on general issues of standardization, methodology and liaisons of Hungarian, European and international standardization;
  • Advice and expertise in standardization issues at enterprise level;
  • Information service on the Technical Committees for Hungarian, European and international standardization and standardization programmes;
  • Information on national and European legislation related to standardization;
  • Advice and expertise in specific issues concerning application and interpretation of standards;
  • Dissemination of documents and information on request regarding Hungarian, European and international standardization, standardization of third countries;
  • Promotion of direct participation of the national economic players in the European and international standardization activities through Technical Committees for National Standardization, propagating national interest in European and international standardization, dissemination of new information;
  • Development of the specifications on particular professional sectors.


For matters relating to European and International standardisation, please contact:

Mr. Dominik Krantz
European Relations
Permanent Representative to CEN and CENELEC BT and AG
Tel.: (361) 45-66-915
Fax:  (361) 45-66-841