Checking of children's playground equipment

Why is it necessary to check the children's playground equipment?

The decree 78/2003. (XI. 27.) GKM on the safety of children's playground equipment contains provisions for the checking of playground equipment.

How does the certification system work?

The purpose of the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT) is to promote increasing the technical safety of products by checking the compliance with the standards and legislation. Therefore MSZT developed its checking system verifying the conformity of the playground equipment and applies it.
Steps of checking procedure are the following:
  • MSZT examines the checking claim considering the data provided by the applicant and the regulations for playground equipment.
  • MSZT give an offer in which informs the applicant on the requirements of checking, the conditions of carrying out the inspection.

After the acceptance of the offer:

  • MSZT carries out the checking of children's playground equipment.
  • MSZT evaluates the results of checking on the basis of the requirements regarding the children's playground equipment. A minutes is drawn up about the result of checking. 
  • MSZT carries out annual checking on the applicant's request. 

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