IQNet Association - The International Certification Network

IQNet (The International Certification Network) was established in 1990 in Bern (Switzerland) under the name of EQNet (European Network for Quality System Assessment and Certification).In 1994 it turned into IQNet (The International Certification Network), giving possibility to the non-European certification bodies to join to the international certification network.At present it has 37 partner organisations from 34 countries with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide that serve the national and international customers.The Hungarian Standards Institution has been the member of IQNet since 12 June, 1998. This wide international network makes possible for IQNet to be international certification provider that focuses on management systems with

  • international resources and capabilities,
  • integration and competence,
  • serving the business as well as the social sector,
  • offering innovative, value adding services and
  • providing certification services for international, multinational companies worldwide.

Certificates issued by any partner bodies of IQNet are unconditionally accepted by other members based on mutual recognition. This based on the harmonised audits and certification procedures, and the peer assessment to be held in given period (usually in every third year) at the partner organisations.
The IQNet partners issued approximately 200 000 certificates.The IQNet members can appoint more than 10 000 auditors around the world, auditing in more than 30 different language. Over 50 accreditation bodies worldwide accredited the partners of IQNet.

The IQNet supports the work of International organisations by its membership in the following organisations:

  • IAF
  • EA
  • ISO/TC 176
  • ISO/TC 207
  • EFQM
  • CIES
  • GFSI

IQNet Headoffice: Bern, Switzerland

President: Mr. Michael Drechsel

Standing Committees:

  • Standing Committee on Constitution and Policy (SCCP)
  • Standing Committee on Peer Review and Membership (SCPM)
  • Standing Committee on Marketing and Development (SCMD)
  • Standing Committee on Harmonisation (SCH)