Certification of translation services according to MSZ EN 15038:2006 and integrated certification with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009

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Steps of certification procedures

The strong competition on the translation market compels the companies working in this field to proof that their services are better than other's. Formerly there was possibility for the certification of translation service offices' operation according to MSZ EN ISO 9001. It made possible the comparability of processes, the better operation and it ensured competitive edge for the certified organisations. Its shortcoming was, however, that it was not translation-specific and development of such a system might cause difficulties.
The Hungarian Standards Institution published the Hungarian version of MSZ EN 15038 "Translation services - Service requirements" standard in November, 2007. The purpose was to establish and to define the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers. It applies to the translation process itself as well as all activities relating to the service, including the quality assurance and traceability, too. The standard contains description and definition of the entire service, procedures and requirements applicable to meet the market demands that in such a way the clients can be aware of them. The certification according to this standard helps the well-operating organisations to maintain the high level of their translation activity. The main aspects of the standard are as follows:

  • human and technical resources requirements
  • quality management system
  • client - TPS relationships
  • managing translation projects
  • preparation
  • translation process
  • added value services.

Qualified auditors and experts of MSZT are competent for the certification according to the above standard. It is possible to harmonize the existing MSZ EN ISO 9001 system with the EN 15038 standard. The integrated certification of the two systems carried out by MSZT is available for our clients.

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